Blog: May 2020

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Clare Huxley

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Anneka Dawson

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Dr Chiara Manzoni

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Johnny Runge

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Lucy Stokes

Posted: 28 May, 2020 - 14:53

Expected impacts from the disruption to children’s education as a result of the Covid-19 crisis have been a recurrent theme since the start of lockdown, particularly for children from more disadvantaged backgrounds. Children in Reception and Year 1 are among the first being encouraged to return to school from 1 June. At the same time, early years and childcare settings are also being asked to welcome more children back. This focus on getting the youngest back to educational settings acknowledges the critical importance of learning in the early years for future outcomes.

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Dr Claudine Bowyer-Crane

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Prof Adrian Pabst

Posted: 26 May, 2020 - 11:04

During this crisis, central government has provided unprecedented levels of financial support for employers, employees and self-employed workers.

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Barry Naisbitt

Posted: 21 May, 2020 - 12:49

The economic downturn in the wake of Covid-19 means forecasters must navigate a totally different economic landscape. But by organising thoughts about possible future scenarios, forecasts can help governments identify policies to bridge from today to a new future

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Prof Huw Dixon

Posted: 8 May, 2020 - 15:28

The ONS intends to alter the way it computes the CPIH index in response to the CV19 Lockdown and social distancing (ONS 2020).  Partly this has to do with the collection of prices: partly with the calculation itself.  Indeed in yesterday’s published minutes of the MPC, the problems of the scope of collection and the availability of certain price series was highlighted