EU Referendum – Videos & briefings


New: “Who’s in control: the UK or EU?” Looks at whether we are moving away from sovereignty and creeping into a united states of Europe? Which institutions decide our national monetary policies? And how much of an effect does a veto have? (with thanks to The UK in a Changing Europe)

New:How would we trade if we left the EU?”  examines whether we would still have access to the single market if we left the EU? What is the difference between the free trade agreement and the single market? How would we trade if we left the EU? (with thanks to The UK in a Changing Europe)

The State Pension and the EU Referendum – research for IFoA” accompanies this research

#EUref: The Missing Debate” – The Missing Debate in the IN/OUT Referendum is the difference between a Single Market and the suggested alternative a Free Trade Agreement. It turns out this matters for the people of the UK – a lot. A Free Trade Agreement doesn’t fully cover services – and services account for 8 out of every 10 jobs in the UK. This animated video is based on independent research at NIESR led by Angus Armstrong

EU’s Economic Impact” with Jonathan Portes and Matthew Flinders

The Economics of Brexit” – playlist of videos from our “The Economics of the UK’s EU membership” event held at NIESR on 28th February 2016. It includes:

  • “There’s life outside the EU” – Lord Norman Lamont
  • “Exit would be destabilising” – Sir Vince Cable
  • “Economic suicide” – Anatole Kaletsky
  • “We need evidence” – Angus Armstrong
  • “Short-term losses” – Nick Crafts
  • “Nothing about Brexit is simple” – Karl Whelan
  • “The Economics of Brexit” – Sir Vince Cable & Lord Norman Lamont Debate