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AIECE Spring Meeting in London

Event date
Thursday, 21 May, 2015
Event time
08:00 to 17:00
Event place
Event Type
Offline Event
  • This event has passed.

Thursday 21 May:
09.00-09.15  Registration
09.15-09.30  Welcome
09:30-10:30  World Trade and Commodity Report
10.30-10.45  Coffee Break
10.45-12.45  The External Environment
12.45-14.15  Lunch Break
14.15-15.15  Martin Weale: special seminar in honour of Ray Barrell’s retirement on “The Oil Price Slump and its Effects on Advanced Economies” followed by discussion
15.15-15.40  EU Commission: Forecast for Europe
15.40-16.00 General Report
16.00-16.20  Coffee Break
16.20-18.00  General Report Europe/Euro Area discussion

Friday 22 May:
09:30-11:30  General Report – non-euro area 
11:30-11:45  Coffee Break
11:45-13.00  General Report – Discussion, including discussion on Monetary and Fiscal Policy
13.00-14:15  Lunch Break
14:15-14.45  Administrative Questions
14.45-16:15  Medium Term Group
16:15-16:30  Coffee Break
16:30-18:00  Medium Term Group contd.
19:00-19:30  Drinks, The Stranger’s Room at the Reform Club, by invitation of Ray Barrell
19:30-22:00  Dinner at the Reform Club