Macroprudential policies, Inequality, and Financial Inclusion: Redistributive Impacts, and Implications for Financial Stability

Friday, 21 June, 2019 - 08:30 to 18:30
Rhind Social Sciences Building
Whiskin Street corner of St John St.
EC1R 0JD London
United Kingdom






8.30        Tea and coffee

9.00        Welcome – Joe Pearlman

9.10        Jagjit Chadha - A Tale of savers versus borrowers – how they respond to MPIs.  (PAPER / SLIDES)

10.10     David Miles / Martina Fazio - Limiting mortgage debt: Aggregate demand externalities and housing market distortions. Discussant: Sevim Kosem. (PAPER / SLIDES)

10.50     Tea and Coffee

11.20     Georgina Green - Credit, crises and inequality. Discussant: Jane Kelly. (PAPER / SLIDES)

12.00     Kasun Pathirage - Financial Frictions and Welfare Effects in a Disaggregated DSGE Model. Discussant: Eddie Gerba. 

12.40     Margarita Rubio - Macroprudential Policy, Incomplete Information and Inequality: The case of Low Income and Developing Countries. Discussant: George Bratsiotis. (PAPER / SLIDES)

1.20        Lunch

2.20        Thorsten Beck - The Micro Impact of Macroprudential policies: Firm-level evidence. (PAPER / SLIDES)

3.20        Ayah El-Said – The Impact of Macroprudential Policies on Financial Inclusion: The Role of Governance and Financial Development. Discussant: Margarita Rubio. (PAPER / SLIDES)

4.00        Tea and coffee

4.30        William Tayler - Macroprudential Interventions in Liquidity Traps. Discussant: Joe Pearlman  (PAPER / SLIDES)

5.10        Paola D'Orazio - Income inequality, consumer debt, and prudential regulation: an agent-based approach to study the emergence of crises and financial instability. Discussant: Saqib Jafarey. (PAPER / SLIDES)


Programme Committee

Joseph Pearlman (City, University of London)

Margarita Rubio (University of Nottingham) 

If you would like to attend, please email MMFworkshopcityUoL [at] MMF will pay travel costs on first-come first-served basis.