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The Political Economy of Devolution in, and Secession from, the UK

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Friday, 19 November, 2021
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10:00 to 16:00
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Online Event
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What are the prospects for devolution and secession in the United Kingdom? Nearly twenty-five years after certain powers were devolved to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the future of UK governance is in question. Both Brexit and Covid-19 have revealed and exacerbated strains in the relationships between the four home nations. Debates range from further devolution, including for English regions, to Scottish independence and Northern Ireland seceding from the UK to form a United Ireland. Many of the key questions are both political and economic in nature.
In preparation of a special issue of the National Institute Economic Review, NIESR is hosting a workshop on “The Political Economy of Devolution in and Secession from  the United Kingdom” on 19 November 2021. This event is divided into three distinct sessions: first, on Scotland; second, on Wales and Northern Ireland; third, on England and Ireland. Among the core issues are national identity and economic resilience, independent currencies, intra-UK trade, institutions and geography, and the impact of both Brexit and Covid-19 on the devolved fiscal settlements.

A draft programme is available to download.

Attendees will be able either to book their place for the whole day, or for individual sessions.


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