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Trends and Dynamics of Trade and Global Value Chains: From the Lenses of the UK and China (Future of Strategy 2020 Conference session)

Event date
Monday, 23 November, 2020
Event time
14:00 to 15:15
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Online event
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The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) is hosting an online event to discuss current issues international trade with a special focus on global value chains, as part of the Future of Strategy 2020 conference. The Covid pandemic had a devastating impact on global trade, and has illustrated the vulnerabilities associated with businesses and consumers sourcing goods and services from geographically distant locations.

Despite the prospects for a global recovery, there remains uncertainty on what the changes to trade patterns will be in a new ‘normal’ and the role that national and international political developments will play. Our presentations will focus on UK and China, illustrating the position of the UK in global production networks and what it represents for domestic competitiveness; the role of China vs other international countries in the medical supplies chain, as well as discussions on China's internationalisation and relationship with the UK.

We are grateful to Innovate UK for financial support.




14:00-14:05: Introduction and Welcome

(Ana Rincon-Aznar, Principal Economist NIESR)


14:05-14:15: NIESR Applications of Coriolis Big Data for Trade and Global Value Chain Analysis

(Dr Xuxin Mao, Principal Economist, NIESR & Visiting Fellow, LSE European Institute)


14:15-14:25: Value Chains and Domestic Competitiveness

(Prof Alisdair Smith, UK Trade Policy Observatory)


14:25-14:35: The UK’s position in global value chains: insights from the OECD TiVA database

(Jakub Zagdanski, Cambridge Econometrics)


14:35-14:45: RCEP & The Dual Circulation of Chinese Economy

(Prof Miaojie Yu, Deputy Dean of National School of Development & Director of Center for Global Economic Research, Peking University)


14:45-14:55: China's Internationalization and its Impact on the UK economy & Business Relation between two Countries

(Prof DPhil Guy S. Liu, Head of Peking University HSBC Business School (UK))


14:55-15:15: Q&A


About the speakers


Ana Rincon-Aznar

Ana is a Principal Economist at NIESR, who specialises in international comparisons of productivity and economic performance. Her research aims to further our understanding of the sources of growth in modern economies, investigating the changing role of production inputs and technology, skills and intangible assets, as well as the influence of policies and regulations.


Dr Xuxin Mao

Xuxin is a Principal Economist at NIESR applying econometrics and big data analytics. He holds PhD in Finance from the University of Glasgow, MSc degrees in economics, finance and mathematics from Copenhagen, Sorbonne and Bielefeld, and Bachelor in Economics from Renmin University of China. His research covers macroeconometric forecasting, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, international finance, housing and construction. His research has been funded by various grants, and presented at international meetings, featured three times on BBC Scotland 2015, covered by the Times, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Xinhua, etc., He is a certified financial risk manager (FRM) and a steering group member of Office for National Statistics. He worked in both academic and business worlds as Lecturer (Assistant Prof) in Economics at UCL, economic forecaster at AECOM and economist at UOB. 


Prof Alisdair Smith

Alasdair Smith (appointed in January 2012) has been a Professor of Economics at the University of Sussex since 1981 and was Vice-Chancellor of the University from 1998 to 2007. His academic work focuses on the effects of international trade on competition, growth and the distribution of income; and he also has interests in the economics of public sector pensions and higher education. He has written extensively on the effects of the single European market and EU enlargement on competition. He was chair of the 1994 Group of universities (2001 to 2005), and subsequently chair of the Universities and Colleges Employers Association (2006-7).


Jakub Zagdanski    

Jakub is an economist at Cambridge Econometrics, where his analysis is focused on sectors, trade and competitiveness. In the area of trade, he has researched the UK’s trade position in a number of studies conducted for the UK Department for International Trade, on themes such as global value chains, defence exports and digital trade. Currently, he is exploring novel ways of estimating UK’s digital trade using microdata linking methods. He has expertise in trade datasets, multi-region input-output analysis and experimental statistics on trade in value added.


 Prof Miaojie Yu ((余淼杰教授)

Professor Miaojie Yu is Boya Chair Professor and Deputy Dean of National School of Development (NSD), Peking University; director of Center for Global Economic Research (CGER), Peking University; Beijing Young Exceptional Scientist, and Secretary-General, International Consortium for China Studies(ICCS). He is a Chang-Jiang Scholar of Ministry of Education of China, and is awarded as China’s National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars. He also serves as Vice President of the China Trade Research Group (CTRG). He holds his Ph.D. in economics from University of California, Davis (2005) under the direction of Dr. Robert Feenstra. He serves as the executive editor of International Trade (in Chinese), the official journal of Ministry of Commerce. He also serve as a deputy editor of Review of International Economics, China Economic Journal, and an editorial member of the journal China Economic Review and Economic Systems


Prof Guy S. Liu  (刘芍佳教授)

Professor Guy S. Liu (刘芍佳教授)obtained his PhD at Oxford University, and specialized in economics of industry with a particular interest to China’s enterprise reform and development. Currently, he is a professor in economics and Head of Peking University HSBC Business School UK Campus.  He was professor and a former head of Economics and Finance Department at Brunel University London. He was a visiting professor at Leiden University, honoured professor at School of Management of Fudan University (2009 -2016), and adjunct professor of Sichuan University (2001-2008) in China. He lectured the economy of China at Leiden University. His research papers have been published widely in internationally leading journals such as the Economic Journal, Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of Comparative Economics, World Development, Economics Letters, China Economic Review, Journal of Banking and Finance, Energy Economics etc. 

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