Anglo German Foundation Lecture Series

This lecture series was endowed to commemorate the work of the Anglo-German Foundation for the Study of Modern Industrial Society (1973-2009).

About the Foundation

The Anglo-German Foundation was established in 1973 by an agreement between the British and German governments, on the initiative of the German President at that time, Gustav Heinemann.

During its 36 years, it contributed to the policy process in Britain and Germany by funding comparative research on economic, environmental and social issues and by organising and supporting conferences, seminars, lectures and publications which encourage the exchange of knowledge, ideas and best practice, both between the two countries and between researchers and practitioners.

In 2009, having fulfilled its founding objectives of improving mutual knowledge between the countries and developing a deeper understanding of modern society, it took the decision to close. Its final initiative, Creating Sustainable Growth in Europe, was launched in 2005 and the concluding seminar took place in November 2005.

About the Lecture Series

The first lecture was delivered in 2011 under the auspices of the British Academy by Sir Tony Atkinson on “Britain, Germany and Social Europe 1973-2020”. The series is now managed by NIESR, and takes place in alternate years in London and Berlin on a topic of public policy interest.

Recent lectures in London have featured:

Recent lectures in Berlin have featured: