Cardiff University

The partnership between NIESR and Cardiff University will enable a model to be developed that can interpret and predict the successes of Wales’ distinctive social and economic policies, including Universal Basic Income, the Wellbeing of Future Generations Wales Act and the burgeoning Living Wage Economy.

Researchers will apply NIESR’s internationally recognised modelling and forecasting capacity to the Welsh economy for the very first time, as part of this initiative to develop a greater understanding of the UK’s regional economies. A quarterly report focusing specifically on the Welsh economy is also planned giving academics and policymakers an increased understanding of the challenges that lie ahead.

The partnership will also benefit students at Cardiff University by offering placement opportunities to those studying undergraduate degrees and PhD studentships for postgraduate researchers. Fellowships for early career researchers, joint events and co-location in sbarc ǀ SPARK – Cardiff University’s new social science research park – are also planned as the partnership develops.