Dr Claudine Bowyer-Crane

Claudine specialises in research concerning the language and communication development of children.

Research Interests

Claudine is a psychologist, whose research focuses primarily on designing and evaluating early interventions to support children’s language development.  She also carries out research to support the educational achievement of children who speak English as an Additional Language.


1999 – BSc Psychology, University of York
2003 – PhD Psychology, University of York
2004-2008 – Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of York


Claudine has been working as a Senior Lecturer in Psychology in Education at the Dept of Education, University of York since 2012.  Prior to that she was Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University.  For the past five years, Claudine has been the language and communication theme lead for the Better Start Bradford project, supporting the evaluation of programmes aimed at improving the early foundations of language in a diverse and vulnerable population.  Claudine is co-author of the Nuffield Early Language Intervention, published by Oxford University Press.

Additional Information

Selected Publications

Bowyer-Crane, C., Nielsen, D., Bryant, M., Heald, R., Storr, C., &. Dickerson, J. (2019). The oTTer project – A feasibility and process evaluation protocol of Talking Together. Pilot and Feasibility Studies.

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Other Publications

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