Dr Hector Calvo-Pardo

Hector is an economist at the Economics Department, FSS, University of Southampton, and affiliated to the ESRC Centre for Population Change, ILB (France) and CFS (U. of Wisconsin-Madison, US).

Research Interests

Hector’s research builds on decision under uncertainty as applied to firms (international trade), households (expectations, information, household finance, social interactions) and to systems of interacting agents (learning in macro-finance, machine learning, migration, populism).


  • Visiting Lecturer U. of Nottingham (2020), UCL (2013, 2011), ENS (2005);
  • Visiting Scholar PSE (2018), U. of Cambridge (2017, 2012-15), NYU (2005);
  • PSE-EHESS PhD 2005;
  • MSc(s) UCL (Belgium), UPF;
  • BSc(s) UCL (Belgium), UB (Spain).