Iana Liadze

As a member of the macroeconomic research and forecasting team, Iana is actively involved in every step of production of the institute’s quarterly review – from maintaining and analysing large macroeconomic datasets and forecasting economies, to running simulations and writing up country forecasts.  She has published regularly both in the institute’s quarterly review and peer-reviewed journals.

Research Interests

A significant proportion of Iana’s time is devoted to the research behind the development of the NiGEM model as well as other projects predominantly in international macroeconomics, banking and financial instability and the determinants of output growth.


1988-1993 – Diploma in Physics, Tbilisi State University, Georgia
2001-2002 – Postgraduate Certificate in Economics and Finance, Birkbeck College, University of London
2002-2004 – Msc Economics, Birkbeck College, University of London

Additional Information


Selected publications

Hurst, I., Liadze, I., Naisbitt, B. and Young, G. (2020), ‘A preliminary assessment of the possible economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak: update’, National Institute of Economic and Social Research, NiGEM Observations, No. 18

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