Professor Konstantinos Theodoridis

Professor Konstantinos Theodoridis is Principal Economist at the European Stability Mechanism and Professor of Macroeconomics at the Cardiff Business School.



Research Interests

Konstantinos’ main research interests lie in the issues faced by monetary policy makers.


Prior to his current position, Konstantinos worked in a number of roles at the Bank of England, including Head of the Model Development Team in the Conjunctural Assessments and Projections Division.

Additional Information

Selected publications

“Is there a National Housing Market Bubble Brewing in the United States?”, with R. Gupta, J. Ma and M. Mark, Macroeconomic Dynamics, forthcoming

“Precautionary Liquidity Shocks, Excess Reserves and Business Cycles”, with G. Bratsiotis, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, forthcoming

“Understanding International Long-Term Interest Rate Comovement”, with M. Chin, F. De Graeve and T. Filippeli, Advances in Econometrics

“Fiscal Policy Shocks and Stock Prices in the United States”, with H. Mumtaz, European Economic Review

“A Trendy Approach to UK Inflation Dynamics”, with K. Forbes and L. Kirkham, The Manchester School, 2021, 89(S1), pages 23-75

“Unconventional Monetary Policies and the Macroeconomy: The Impact of Quantitative Easing and the Funding for Lending Scheme in the UK”, with R. Churm, M. Joyce and G. Kapetanios, Quarterly Review
of Economics and Finance, 2021, vol 80(C), pages 721-736