Professor Francesco Venturini

Francesco is Associate Professor in Economics at the University of Perugia (Italy), and is as a member of the Ifo-World Economic Survey expert group (Germany).

Research Interests

His current research deals with institutional and policy factors enabling innovation and how the latter affects economic growth and inequality.

Additional Information

Additional publications

Madsen, J.B., Minniti, A., Venturini, F. (2021) “Wealth inequality in the long run: A Schumpeterian growth perspective” Economic Journal, 131(633) 476-497.

O’Mahony, M., Vecchi, M., Venturini, F. (2021) “Capital heterogeneity and the decline of the labor share”, Economica, 88(350) 271-296.

Venturini, F. (2022) “Intelligent technologies and productivity spillovers: Evidence from the Fourth Industrial Revolution”, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 194, 220-243.

Igna, I.A., Venturini, F. (2022) “The determinants of AI innovation across European firms”. Research Policy, forthcoming

Madsen, J.B., Minniti, A., Venturini, F. (2022) “The Long-run Investment Effect of Taxation in OECD Countries” Economica, forthcoming