Professor Martin Weale

Professor Martin Weale’s main research interests include macro-economic policy, economic forecasting, life-cycle behaviour, health and well-being, and pensions and saving



1974-77 – Pt1A Maths Tripos, Pt 2 Economics Tripos, Clare College, Cambridge.

1977 – BA (1st Class Honours, Part 2 Economics Tripos).

2006 – Sc. D. in Economics University of Cambridge.


2011- Professor of Economics (part-time) Queen Mary University of London

2010- Senior Research Fellow, National Institute of Economic and Social Research

2010- External Member, Monetary Policy Committee

1995-2010 – Director, National Institute of Economic and Social Research.

1993 – Visiting Scholar, Institute for Empirical Macroeconomics, Federal Reserve Bank, Minneapolis.

1986-87 – Houblon-Norman Fellow, Bank of England.

1981-95 – Director of Studies (to 1992) and Fellow in Economics, Clare College, Cambridge.

1987-95 – University Lecturer, Faculty of Economics and Politics, Cambridge (University Assistant Lecturer to 30.9.90).

1979-1987 – Research Officer, Department of Applied Economics, Cambridge (Junior Research Officer to 1984).

1977-79 – Overseas Development Institute Fellow, National Statistical Office, Zomba, Malawi.









Additional Information


1999 C.B.E. for Services to Economics.

2001 Honorary Fellow, Institute of Actuaries.

2007 DScHonorisCausa, City University.


Board Memberships

1990-8 – Member.HM Treasury Academic Panel.

1992-2007 – Hon. Treasurer,  Alzheimer’s Research Trust (now Alzheimer’s Research UK)

1995-7 – Member.HM Treasury Panel of Independent Forecasters (the ‘Wise Men’).

1996-2000 – Chairman. National Accounts User Group.

1997-2000 – Chairman. ONS Academic Panel.

2000-2008 – Member. UK Statistics Commission.

2004-2007 – Member. European Advisor Committee on Statistical Information in the Economic and Social Spheres (CEIES).

2006-2011 – Member. The Board for Actuarial Standards.

2008-2011 – Chairman. Centre for Measurement of Government Activity Advisory Board. Office for National Statistics.

2009- Member. Consumer Price Advisory Committee, Office for National Statistics

2010- Member. Monetary Policy Committee

2011- Trustee. Kennedy Memorial Trust



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