Design Effects in the EU Skills Survey

This short project aims to obtain an enhanced understanding of the statistical properties of the survey sample from the EU Skills and Jobs Survey. The purpose is to aid secondary analysis of the dataset, once it has been made available by Cedefop for research use.


The 2014 EU Skills and Jobs Survey asked around 49,000 adult employees across the EU-28 how their skills and qualifications matched the needs of their jobs. The survey was undertaken by Ipsos Mori for Cedefop. Cedefop would like to make the data available to secondary analysts. However, in order to do so, they require a better understanding of the statistical properties of the sample. This project covers a set of activities through which one would obtain a more detailed picture of these properties. It is intended that these activities will contribute to a judgement about the appropriateness of estimating design effects for the survey, and of the best means of doing so for this survey. 

Timescale and funder

The project is funded by Cedefop – the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training. The project is being undertaken in January and February 2016.