The Economic and Labour Market Impacts of Tier 1 entrepreneur and investor migrants

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Summary & aims

This research, which was carried out in 2013, examined the economic impacts of entrepreneur and investor migrants who come to the UK through the Tier 1 route, introduced in 2008. It was commissioned by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) in February 2013. Tier 1 entrepreneur and investor migrants originate from outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) and the research therefore builds on previous research commissioned by MAC on the impact of migration on the UK.



The research included a review of existing research both in the UK and internationally, an examination of UK datasets, and new qualitative evidence through case study interviews with Tier 1 entrepreneurs and investors.


The research found evidence that the UK is benefiting from the contribution of tier 1 migrants and that migrants have generally positive experiences of coming to the UK via this route. However, a number of problems were identified and the report recommends a number of policy changes. In addition to the report, published by the Migration Advisory Committee, the team have published a number of blogs on the report's main messages:

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