Health and Safety at Work: What Can WERS 2011 Tell Us?

Using new questions contained in the 2011 Workplace Employment Relations Survey (WERS) this study undertakes workplace-level analyses to identify the correlates of high and low health and safety risks, and the correlates of high and low employee control over health and safety risks.


These study uses cross-sectional data from the Workplace Employment Relations Survey 2011. It focuses on two new questions, sponsored by HSE, capturing managerial perceptions of risks at the workplace and employees' ability to control those risks. The analysis investigates the links between these two variables and key aspects of British workplaces including:

  • structural features: workplace size; organisational structure; industry; age; public v private sector
  • workforce composition: occupational mix; gender; age of workforce; wages paid
  • worker representation, notably h&s arrangements and unionisation
  • other key features of the workplace which HSE might find of particular interest

Timescale and funder

The study is funded by the Health and Safety Executive.  It begins in March 2015 and will be completed in April 2015.


Alex Bryson will provide a short report to HSE and make a presentation to HSE staff.  He will publish the work in an academic article.