Conference and seminar output

Exchange of good practices on gender equality: New forms of work. Comments paper - UK.

H. Metcalf Exchange of good practices on gender equality: Flexible Working Time Arrangements Comments paper: UK. The Hague, the Netherlands, 24-25 October 2011

Company Share Plans - gift or incentive?

Many large listed firms offer workers the opportunity to buy shares of stock at discounted rates through employee stock purchase plans (ESPP). The discounted rate creates a gift exchange, where the firm hopes that workers who accept the gift reciprocate with greater loyalty and effort. But ESPPs diverge from standard gift exchange or efficiency wage models. Employees have to invest some of their own money by purchasing shares at the discounted rate to accept the gift. A sizeable number choose to reject the gift.

Pension Provision in the Private Sector, 2011

Presentation the DWP of the findings from the 2011 Survey of Employers' Pension Provision, covering: the overall level of provision; the nature of provision (types of scheme, contribution rates, eligibility rules); and employers' plans in respect of the forthcoming workplace pension reforms.

Nowcasting Euro Area GDP Growth: The Utility of Disaggregate Information

5th CSDA International Conference on Computational and Financial Econometrics (CFE 2011)

Outlook for the UK Economy

Presentation to the Low Pay Commission, December 2011.

Modelling the Euro Area Debt Crisis

Macromodels Conference 2011, Poznan, Poland

Presentation of the AIECE General report

Presented at the AIECE Autumn General Meeting, Brussels, 21Ð22 November, 2011.<br />

Working time flexibility and productivity in Britain

Paper presented at an 'Expert Meeting on Working Time and Flexibility', European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound), Dublin.

Trade Union Membership and Influence 1999-2010

Paper presented at the TUC's Leading Change programme, London

How share purchase plans, incentives and communication affect employee commitment and effort

Reports on ShareCo study on relationship between share plan participation and worker behaviour