General Election Briefing

The Economic and Fiscal Impact of Brexit

Brexit dominates political debate and divides opinion.  The main political parties have different positions on this issue, ranging from cancelling Brexit (Liberal Democrats) to seeking a ‘clean-break’ (Brexit Party). The Prime Minster wants to ‘get Brexit done’ on the terms of the deal negotiated with the EU.  This briefing focuses on: 

The UK’s Productivity Puzzle: Labour, Investment and Finance

Economic growth matters.  The material improvement in living standards as measured by the increase in the production of goods and services has been an artefact of the modern world.  Britain has been characterised as the first industrial nation (Mathias, 1969) and accordingly with a sustained period of economic growth, it reached a peak in 1900 of 9.4% of world output (Maddison 2010). This fraction has declined with the increasing growth of emerging parts of the world but also because Britain’s relative performance has tended to deteriorate. 

Regional Inequality in Household Incomes in the UK: A Closer Look

Gross Domestic Household Income (GDHI) is a measure of the income individuals in the household sector have available to invest or spend. GDHI measures household incomes after taxes, transfers and pension contributions and after accounting for expenses related to income generated (for example, interest on mortgages and other loans is deducted). To compare areas of different size, GDHI per head of population is used, and is calculated using the entire resident population of an area.

Is NHS funding in crisis?

In the run up to this 2017 election many politicians talk as if there was only a single important issue - namely - Brexit. Most politicians, and the majority of the electorate, are agreed that Britain is leaving the EU. What will become of our trading relations with other countries in the future is largely a matter of negotiation which will take place over the next few years. Therefore – as far as the electorate is concerned - the central, most important, real issue, now affecting ordinary people is Health and Social Care, and its funding into the future.

Infrastructure in the UK: Time to rebuild?

Infrastructure investment is vital for sustainable economic growth and research shows that the UK lags behind its major competitors in the quality of its infrastructure assets. There is a well-established case for the government to intervene where there is market failure and in our view the government needs to play a lead role as a provider, facilitator and financer of infrastructure projects and services.

Regional Inequality in Productivity in the UK: A Closer Look

Across UK regions, large and persistent inequalities have been cited as a key issue both in the vote to leave the European Union and in the snap election, and have come to be viewed as an urgent policy priority.  One of the key narratives around recent shifts in voter sentiment has been that rising levels of regional inequality have been leaving entire swathes of the country behind, while London and the Southeast motor ahead. This briefing examines some of the evidence for this narrative.