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The consequences of globalisation: India's software industry and cross border labour mobility

The Indian software industry is a prime example of globalisation. The industry has been characterised by large cross-border mobility of its skilled labour force. Using a unique survey of Indian software firms, our paper quantifies the extent and impact of mobility on firm behaviour and performance. Cross-border labour mobility in the paper refers to both temporary and permanent labour flows by Indian software professionals. The picture that emerges is of a highly mobile world in which temporary mobility has been an important characteristic of the industry.

Foreign direct investment and exchange rate uncertainty in South-East Asia

We investigate the relationship between exchange rate volatility, exchange rate risk diversification and the location of foreign direct investment in the manufacturing industries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. We found a strong role for the yen|dollar exchange rate in location decisions of the US and Japanese investors. There is evidence in the literature that Japanese firms invest in Asia to circumvent the appreciation of the yen.

Evaluating Policy Feedback Rules using the joint density function of a stochastic model

The practise of evaluating feedback rules in stochastic models using marginal distributions implies the loss of considerable information. It is possible to use the full joint density function. This is illustrated by analysing three rules in a large stochastic model.