April 2021 GDP Tracker

Spring sees green shoots of economic recovery



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March 2021 GDP Tracker


Brexit and Covid put winter economy in deep freeze



                                              Figure 1 - UK GDP


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February 2021 GDP Tracker

Continued lockdown puts gloom on Q1 outlook


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January 2021 GDP Tracker

Adjusting to lockdowns: GDP to contract in 2021Q1


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December 2020 GDP Tracker

October Cloud and November Rain

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November 2020 GDP Tracker

GDP forecast to contract by 2.2 per cent in Q4


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October 2020 GDP Tracker

Recovery to stall due to heightened Covid-19 uncertainty

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September 2020 GDP Tracker

UK economy on rocky road to recovery with growth forecast of around 2 per cent in August

Figure 1 - UK GDP growth (3 months on previous 3 months, per cent)

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August 2020 GDP Tracker

GDP picking up after recession confirmed

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July 2020 GDP Tracker

Slow recovery from 20 per cent output contraction


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