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The New Monetary Policy Revolution: Advice and Dissent

Central banks have undertaken a revolution in monetary policy. They reluctantly abandoned conventional wisdom designed to keep them out of political trouble. This paper looks at this revolution through the lens of the divergent perspectives of the IMF and the BIS. The Jeremiahs predicted this revolution would fail to reduce unemployment and lead only to financial ruin. The Jeremiahs were proved wrong on both counts. Radical whatever-it-takes monetary expansion rescued a depressed world economy. Regulatory reform kept financial risks in check.

Monetary Policy in Troubled Times: New Governor... New Agenda

The new Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, faces a formidable challenge. From his very first day in office on 16 March 2020 he has been confronted with an imbalance between the demands on his institution to support the economy and the capacity of the Bank to meet that challenge.

Renewing our Monetary Vows: Open Letters to the Governor of the Bank of England

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NIESR Occasional Papers, 1942-2004

From 1942 to 2004, NIESR produced 57 Occasional Papers. Over the years, subjects covered pension reform, productivity, migration, education and more. On Tuesday 15th October 2019, we will be relaunching the series - watch this space!

NIESR Occasional papers