What's Up with Benefit Tourism?

This video provides an accessible and humorous account of the issues surrounding the Prime Minister’s negotiations with the European Commission, focused on migrants’ access to welfare benefits. It was commissioned by NIESR and produced by Econfilms with funding from the ESRC under its The UK in a Changing Europe programme.


Letter to Sir Andrew Dilnot: Prime Minister on "New Jobs"

Sir Andrew Dilnot (Head of the UK Statistics Authority) has said that the Prime Minister was wrong to say in his Daily Telegraph article that figures showed that in the past year more than three-quarters of all new jobs have gone to British citizens. In fact, official statistics do not show the number of new jobs. This is in response to a complaint by NIESR director Jonathan Portes.

The Simulator of Individual Dynamic Decisions, SIDD - User Manual

This document provides an overview of programming code that underlies the Simulator of Individual Dynamic Decisions (SIDD). SIDD is designed to implement a structural model of dynamic decisions, focussing predominantly on the consumption/savings and labour/leisure margins. The structural model upon which SIDD is based assumes that individuals make their decisions to maximise the expected lifetime utility of their respective families. Importantly, SIDD is designed to solve lifetime decisions, taking into account uncertainty associated with a wide range of characteristics.

The National Institute Lifetime INcome Distributional Analysis model LINDA - User Manual

This manual describes use of the National Institute's Lifetime INcome Distributional Analysis model, LINDA, which is designed to explore the effects of changes to the tax and benefits structure on household circumstances through time. The model generates panel data for the entire life course of a reference population cross-section, and a series of summary statistics for each considered policy environment.

Modelling the dynamic effects of transfer policy through the life-course: the LINDA policy analysis tool

This paper describes a structural dynamic microsimulation model that generates individualspecific data over a range of demographic and economic characteristics at annual intervals over the life-course. The model is specifically designed to analyse the distributional implications of policy alternatives in terms of their bearing on income and consumption measured over alternative time periods, from one year up to the entire life-course.

Employee Englagement and Labour Productivity

Webinar for the NHS Employers on the links between employee engagement and labour productivity

Website for the WERS 1998 Data Dissemination Service

Website providing support for users of the 1998 Workplace Employee Relations Survey. This website is no longer live. It was superceded by a web-site supporting use of the 2004 WERS. A website supporting use of the 2011 WERS (www.wers2011.info) is scheduled to go live in November 2014.