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Martin Weale speaking on BBC television

The mortgage pinch - Martin Weale, National Institute for Economic and Social Research

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Martin Weale on the Today programme

Report's author Martin Weale explains his optimistic forecast

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Martin Weale gives his assessment

Director of the National Institute of Economic & Social Research, Martin Weale gives his assessment. <a href="">Click here to listen to this broadcast.</a>

Shared home owenership scheme

BBC Radio 4 Today

0600-0900 AM

Martin Weale, NIESR Director, is interviewed on his opinions on the governments plans for a Shared home owenership scheme

Mortgages scheme 'will cause price to boom'

GORDON BROWN'S plan to use taxpayers' money to help first time buyers came under fierce fire from a major think-tank today, writes Joe Murphy.

Martin Weale, president of (NIESR), said the scheme would cause house prices to rise even further, pricing other people out of the market...

Two break ranks as Times MPC votes to peg rates

Martin Weale, of (NIESR), said that "a period of slow growth to prevent the economy from overheating would be valuable...

Industry's weakness fuels hopes of August rate cut

In its regular projections following the industry figures, (NIESR) estimated that over the three months to May, the economy as a whole grew by just 0.3 per cent...

Interest rates left on hold despite poor data

The publication of the industrial production figures enabled (NIESR) to estimate that GDP grew by just 0.3 per cent in the three months to the end of May...