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New student fees 'may boost debt'

The full effect of fees is still being assessed

Typical graduate debt in England might rise by 54% after variable tuition fees start next year, a report suggests.

The National Institute of Economic and Social Research spoke to 4,000 third year students at four universities.

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Interview on BBC radio 10 oclock news on the UK's rebate from the EU

Economists sceptical of help for needy and tax increases

<strong>Martin Weale

Director, (NIESR)</strong>

The pre-Budget statement showed a cumulated deficit on the current account over the economic cylcle, pointing to a breach of the 'Golden Rule'. Yesterday's Budget has confirmed this, with the projected deficit for this financial year rising from a forecast of £12.5bn in December to £16.1bn

Why he's wrong, by experts

Martin Weale, director of (NIESR) said: 'we are sceptical that public finances will improve over the next five years'...

Taxes will rise if Blair wins, say majority of economists

Martin Weale, the influential guru who runs (NIESR). Mr Weale said: 'I think the Conservatives could have put up taxes, but not by much...

Interest rates remain static at 4.75%

The National Institute of Economic and Social Research predicts today that the economy will have grown at a slower pace than its long running trend rate in the first quarter

Tax 'hits households by £5.8bn'

The influential National Institute of Economic and Social Research said that, based on its view that the present economic cycle had ended Mr Brown had broken his rule which requires him to borrow only to invest.

Labour tightlipped on business tax

The National Institue of Economic and Social Research yesterday reiterated its warnings that taxes would need to rise in the next Parliament to curb hight levels of government borrowing and allow Mr Brown to meet his 'golden rule' for the public finances.