The added value of trade unions - New analyses for the TUC of the Workplace Employment Relations Surveys 2004 and 2011

Publication date: 11 Oct 2017 | Publication type: Report | Theme: Employment & Social policy | NIESR Author(s): Bryson, A; Forth, J | Report to: Trades Union Congress

Background to the analysis

To inform debate over the 2016 Trade Union Act the TUC commissioned UCL/NIESR to undertake a three-pronged investigation on the nature of unions and their effects on employers and employees. This comprised:

  • a review of existing literature on union effects
  • new analyses of the Workplace Employment Relations Surveys (WERS)
  • a more detailed investigation of the links between unionisation and work/life balance.

This report focuses on the second element, namely the new analyses of WERS.

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