Britain’s Relative Productivity Performance 1950-1996: an International Perspective

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30 November, 1998
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The author examines Britain's productivity performance in the postwar period relative to four industrial countries the US, Germany, France and Japan considering both growth rates and relative levels of labour productivity, physical capital, total factor productivity, human capital and unit labour costs. The aggregate economy is divided into ten broad sectors comprising agriculture, four production sectors, four market service sectors and non-market services. The book contains annual data series on the variables considered in the sectoral analysis, and some additional detail for sub-sectors, together with the sources and methods employed in constructing the data series.

(£75, paperback, NIESR, 1999, ISBN 0 9526213 5 5, or £125 to include data on CD). <a href="pdfBRPP02.PDF">Download March 2002 update in PDF format</a>.

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