Building the Best Jobs Market in the World - The Expert View

Publication date: 24 Mar 2015 | Publication type: Report | Theme: Education & Labour, Employment & Social policy | External Author(s): Smith, D; Pryce, V; Blanchflower, D; Brinkley, I; Groom, B; Royles, D; Hall, K; Cheese, P; Mayfield, C; Barber, B; O'Grady, F; Hughes, S; Rafferty, S; Hackett, P; Baroness Prosser; Sweeney, C; Benjamin, F; Altmann, R; Memmott, C; Bravo-Biosca, A; O'Leary, D; Dorling, D; Alder, M

A collection of essays, including "Migration, growth and jobs: a positive agenda" by Jonathan Portes