Conference Slides and Papers: The Future of Housing Finance

Pub. Date
17 September, 2014


Links to working papers


“Housing finance and monetary policy” by Roman Sustek (QMUL)

“When is a housing market overheated enough to threaten stability?” by John Muellbauer (Oxford University)

“Market structure of housing finance and the US housing bubble” by Susan Wachter (University of Penn)

“Housing finance in Canada – structural reasons for a different experience in the 2000s” by Lawrence Schembri (Bank of Canada)

“Housing finance, financial regulation, and bankers’ incentives” by Emilios Avgouleas (University of Edinburgh)

“Comparing housing booms and mortgage supply” by Angus Armstrong and E Philip Davis (NIESR)

“Financial innovations and stability of the housing market” by Franklin Allen (Imperial College)

“The Danish Housing Finance System in an international perspective” by Jesper Berg (Nykredit)