Econometric Modelling: Techniques and Applications

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30 November, 1999
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Macroeconomic modelling has been one of the most important and influential areas of economic research. This book presents contributions from the leading researchers working in this area. Much of the research described was sponsored by the Macroeconomic Modelling Consortium funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, HM Treasury and the Bank of England. The papers combine a description of the latest techniques used in modelling the economy with an account of the way that models can be used for purposes of policy analysis.

Designed for use by advanced students and professional economists, the book considers a wide range of issues. These include how to reconcile observed short-term dynamics with economic theory, how to model tax policy, how the European Monetary Union affects stabilisation policy and why Ôbad' forecasters can do well.

(£45 hardback, Cambridge University Press, 2000, ISBN 521 65069 0)

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