Employee Perceptions of Working Conditions and the Desire for Worker Representation in Britain and the US

| Publication date: 10 Feb 2013 | Theme: Employment & Social policy | NIESR Author(s): Bryson, A | External Author(s): Freeman, R. B. | JEL Classification: J51; J81 | Journal: Journal of Labor Research No 1 Vol 34 | Pages: 1-29

This paper explores the link between employee perceptions of working conditions and the desire for worker representation in Britain and the US. We find that the distribution of employee perceptions of poor working conditions is similar in Britain and the US; similar factors affect the number of perceived poor working conditions; and the perception of poor working conditions is strongly associated with the desire for union representation. The nature of workplaces, as opposed to employees’ characteristics, is the predominant factor determining employee perceptions of poor working conditions.

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working conditions, worker representation, trade unions
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