Employers’ Pension Provision Survey 2013

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16 July, 2014
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This report presents findings from the 2013 Employers' Pension Provision Survey (EPP 2013). EPP 2013 was commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions and undertaken by TNS-BMRB Social Research and the National Institute of Economic and Social Research. The 2013 survey was the latest in a series, with previous surveys having been conducted approximately biennially since 1994.

The survey comprises of interviews with 3,079 private sector organisations in Great Britain. Organisations were selected from a sample drawn from the Inter-Departmental Business Register (IDBR) and fieldwork took place between 19 June and 4 November 2013.

This report describes the extent and nature of pension provision among private sector employers in Great Britain in 2013. Regarding the extent of provision, the report covers the proportions of firms providing pensions and the extent of employee membership of employer pension schemes. In respect of the nature of pension provision, the report covers the types of provision, access and eligibility, and contribution rates.

EPP 2013 was the first in the survey series to have taken place since the introduction of automatic enrolment. A substantial part of this report therefore focuses on the early impact of automatic enrolment. The report considers the characteristics and activities of those firms which had already passed their staging date at the time of the survey, as well as exploring awareness and intentions among those employers for whom the reforms were yet to take effect.