Evaluation off the Impact on Skills for Life Learning: Report on Sweep 2

Pub. Date
01 January, 2005
Pub. Type

DfES Research Report 701.

For a pdf version please <a href="http://www.dfes.gov.uk/research/data/uploadfiles/RR701.pdf">click here</a>.

This reports evaluates the impact on employment and employability of participation in literacy or numeracy courses under the government's basic skills programme, 'Skills for Life', after one year.

Using a matched comparison, difference in differences, design, the impact analysis showed that after one year, Skills for Life appeared to have improved employability, but not employment. Learners had improved significantly more than non-learners in terms of self-esteem, attitudes towards education and training, long-term illness or disability and employment commitment. It concludes that, if these improvements persist over time, it is likely that employment gains will follow.

Skills for Life learners found many benefits from their course: improved literacy and numeracy, confidence, satisfaction, employment and progression. 53 per cent gained a qualification within a year, whilst 19 per cent had dropped out of their course.

Parents, older learners and those with the lowest literacy and numeracy skills and qualifications might require additional support to derive the maximum benefit from participation in Skills for Life courses. Learners with poor spoken English might be better served through participation on an ESOL course than on a literacy and numeracy course.