Hollowing Out and the Future of the Labour Market

Pub. Date
17 September, 2013

Bob Butcher from NIESR introduced this seminar, noting the importance of the topic for government policy on education, employment and skills, as indicated by representation in the audience from across government.  Dr Steve McIntosh from Sheffield University presented the findings of his critical review of the evidence (to be published this Autumn) and Dr Craig Holmes from Oxford and SKOPE commented on his work with Professor Ken Mayhew on job polarisation. The literature on hollowing out has argued that middle level jobs have declined in volume while lower and higher level jobs have increased (level being relative to pay). This has given concern about availability of entry level jobs, progression and social mobility for a substantial proportion of the workforce. The review throws light on these issues, and challenges the notion of hollowing-out as it has been presented to date. (Amended 4 April 2014).

Link to Dr Steve McIntosh presentation

Link to Dr Craig Holmes presentation

Summary of the seminar