Integration, Accession and Expansion

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10 May, 2004
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In May 2004, 10 countries will join the European Union. This book focuses on the 8 accession countries from Central and Eastern Europe, which spent the 15 years prior to EU membership in transition from centrally planned to market economies. The current EU enlargement is no larger, in terms of population, than previous enlargements, but the Union itself has changed, with stronger rules and commitments on the part of its members. This volume draws together a diverse set of issues related to the occasion, providing a context in which to analyse the impact that the expansion is likely to have on both incumbent and acceding members of the EU. We draw on parallels to previous enlargements where appropriate, and discuss in depth the Single Market Programme, the benefits and perils of EMU membership and the Common Agricultural Policy. We also discuss the impact that enlargement is likely to have on capital flows and migration, drawing on a growing body of existing research in these key areas. Policy recommendations are offered throughout the text.

NIESR Occasional paper no.57, Published February 2004.

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