Inward Investment, Technological Change and Growth: the Impact of Multinational Corporations on the UK Economy

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30 November, 2000
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This volume contains a collection of papers from a conference held at the British Academy in September 1999. The contributors identify the channels through which inward investment can affect host economies and provide quantitative evidence on the impact of multinational corporations on the size and industrial structure of the UK and other developed economies. Inward investment is shown to have made an important and significant contribution to economic growth in Britain over the past two decades, with direct productivity spillovers having helped improve the performance of UK-owned firms. The empirical techniques used in the volume can readily be applied to other economies to evaluate the net benefits of inward investment and to help design appropriate policies and institutions to maximise the size of those benefits.

(£45 hardback, Palgrave, 2000, ISBN 0 333 92536 X)