Labour Regulation and Productivity in the UK since 1945: Debunking Myths about ‘Disease’, ‘Miracles’ and ‘Puzzles’

Pub. Date
16 May, 2023

Over 50 years ago, New Society first identified a new ‘Oxford School’ considered central to British postwar reconstruction. Based around Nuffield College, it contained five key figures: Hugh Clegg, Allan Flanders, Alan Fox, Bill McCarthy and Arthur Marsh. Other identified contributors were Ben Roberts, John Hughes and legal theorist Otto Kahn-Freund. A second generation included the likes of George Bain, Willy Brown, Richard Hyman, Rod Martin and Roger Undy. Intriguingly, as early as the late 1940s its key theorist Flanders described their social democratic approach to build industrial pluralism as the ‘third way’—obviously a phrase given greater prominence in the 1990s by Tony Blair and Tony Giddens.