National Institute Economic Review: April 2001

Publication date: 31 Mar 2001 | Publication type: National Institute Economic Review

Issue 176: April 2001&nbsp; (<a href="\pdf\176.pdf">view summaries of the

following articles</a>)<ul>

<li>The world economy

<li>The UK economy

<li>'Unions and the sword of justice: unions and pay systems, pay inequality, pay discrimination and low pay' by Metcalf D, Hansen K and Charlwood A

<li>'The impact of unions on pay levels in lower-skilled jobs' by Forth J and&nbsp; Millward N

<li>'The foundation of 'partnership'? Union effects on employee trust in management' by Bryson A

<li> 'Ethnic minorities and equal treatment: the impact of gender, equal opportunities policies and trade unions' by Noon M and Hoque K


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