National Institute Economic Review: April 2004

Pub. Date
31 March, 2004

Issue 188: April 2004 (<a href="pdf188.PDF">view summaries of the following articles</a>)



<li>Forecast for the UK Economy </li>

<li> Forecast for the World Economy <br>

Featured articles: </li>

<li> 1) Simulating household savings and labour supply: an application of dynamic programming by James Sefton and Justin van de Ven

<li>2) The effects of an increase in petrol excise tax: the case of New Zealand households by John Creedy

<li>3) Economic performance in France, Germany and the United Kingdom: 1997&ndash;2002 by Robert Metz, Rebecca Riley and Martin Weale

<li>4) The volatility of the output gap in the G7 by Ray Barrell and Sylvia Gottschalk


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