National Institute Economic Review: April 2005

Publication date: 29 Apr 2005 | Publication type: National Institute Economic Review | Journal: National Institute Economic Review No. 192

<p>Contains detailed forecasts of both UK and World economies and research articles. The current issue was published on Friday 29th April 2005. Contents of this edition are: </p>


<li>The Labour government's economic performance - a commentary - <a href="/pubs/searchdetail.php?PublicationID=524">view summary </a> </li>

<li>UK Economy Forecast - <a href="/pubs/searchdetail.php?PublicationID=481">view summary </a> </li>

<li>World Economy Forecast - <a href="/pubs/searchdetail.php?PublicationID=482">view summary </a> </li>

<li>5 research articles on Financial instability - <a href="/pubs/searchdetail.php?PublicationID=480">view summary </a> </li>


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