National Institute Economic Review: January 2003

Pub. Date
31 December, 2002

Issue 183: January 2003 (<a href="pdf183.pdf">view summaries

of the following articles</a>)


<li>The world economy

<li>The UK economy

<li>Assymetric Labour Markets in a Converging Europe: Do Differences Matter? by Ray Barrell and Karen Dury (NIESR)

<li>Economic Policy Coordination in the European Union by Iain Begg, Dermot Hodson and Imelda Maher (London School of Economics)

<li>Comparing Bear Markets - 1973 and 2000 by E. Philip Davis (Brunel University)

<li>Business Cycles and Turning Points: a Survey of Statistical Techniques by Michael Massmann, James Mitchell and Martin Weale (NIESR)


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