National Institute Economic Review: October 2004

Publication date: 30 Oct 2004 | Publication type: National Institute Economic Review


<li>30 October 2004: Quarterly Economic Review:


<li>Forecast for the <a href="\pdf\rev1004UK.pdf">UK Economy</a>

<li>Forecast for the <a href="\pdf\rev1004world.pdf">World Economy</a>

<li>Featured articles:

<li>1) <a href="\pdf\rev1004purcell.pdf">Is mass higher education working? Evidence from the labour market experiences of recent graduates</a>, by Peter Elias and Kate Purcell

<li>2) <a href="\pdf\rev1004vignoles.pdf">The widening socio-economic gap in UK higher education</a>, by Fernando Galindo-Rueda, Oscar Marcenaro-Gutierrez and Anna Vignoles

<li>3) <a href="\pdf\rev1004dolton.pdf">The rate of return to teaching: how does it compare to other graduate jobs?</a> by Peter Dolton and Tsung-Ping Chung

<li>4) <a href="\pdf\rev1004stevens.pdf">Academic salaries in the UK and US</a>, by Philip Andrew


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