Post-Brexit Immigration Policy: Reconciling Public Perceptions with Economic Evidence

| Publication date: 11 Oct 2018 | Theme: Employment & Social policy | NIESR Author(s): Rolfe, H; Johnny Runge; Nathan Hudson-Sharp; KAhlstromVij | Project: Evidence and perceptions in the post-Brexit immigration debate

Existing research shows consistently high levels of concern among people in the UK over the scale of immigration and its impact on jobs, wages and services. At the same time, that same body of research does not provide much in the way of detail about the nature of these concerns. This is partly because much of the data is from opinion polls which say little about the priorities and perspectives that underlie the aggregate numbers. Moreover, very little re-search has been carried out on what new immigration policies the British public would like to see once the UK leaves the EU and free movement ends. Our research for this report aims to fill these gaps by providing evidence about how people use and understand information about economic impacts of immigration, and what they might wish to see from new, post-Brexit, policies.

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