Recruitment and Retention of Childcare, Early Years and Play Workers: Research Study

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01 January, 2003
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To achieve the National Childcare Strategy's aim of expanding the number of childcare places, it is important that recruitment and retention of childcare, early years and play workers is fully understood. The aim of this predominately qualitative research study was to identify key issues surrounding recruitment and retention, and to obtain childcare workers' own perspectives on their jobs. In addition, the study was intended to inform the national recruitment campaign by identifying successful and less successful approaches to the recruitment and retention of childcare workers, by EYDCPs and providers,. One aim of the study was to find examples of good practice, which other Partnerships and providers might use to improve recruitment and retention rates. These are published separately as guides to good practice for Partnerships and for providers (DfES 2003).

DfES Research Report 409, 2003. This report is available from the DfES (tel: 0845 60 222 60 or fax: 0845 60 333 60). Price £4.95.

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