employee representation, shop stewards, trade unions

Publication date: 5 Jan 2016 | Publication type: Conference and seminar output | Theme: Trade, Investment & Productivity | Authors: Forth, J | External authors: Willman, P., Bryson, A. | Project: Union resources
Paper presented at the 2016 LERA Conference, San Francisco, 4th January 2016. This paper updates the empirical literature on trade union resources in the UK. We argue that British unions lack resources effectively to manage first and second order collective action problems, and that the resource...
Publication date: 1 Dec 2011 | Publication type: Journal article/book/chapter | Theme: Employment & Social policy | Authors: Forth, J | External authors: Charlwood, A. | JEL classification: J51 | Journal: La Revue d'IRES Vol. 68
We chart the decline of employee representation in Britain since 1980. Evidence points not only to much smaller numbers of shop stewards but also to a much reduced role for those who remain.