tax credits

The EU Referendum and Fiscal Impact On Low Income Households

We assess the impact of the UK leaving the European Union (EU) on benefit and tax credit receipts of low income households using detailed fiscal and population data. First, we quantify the effect of leaving the EU on the UK fiscal position from two major sources: (i) the impact on national income and (ii) possible changes in migration. We also account for changes in net contributions to the EU budget. We use a range of possible national income and migration scenarios as inputs for our model estimates.

Is there a smarter way to cut tax credits?

A political storm is brewing around the Chancellor's proposed  cuts to tax credits. A broad range of economists have expressed concern about the cuts,[1] and an equally broad range of politicians have expressed their opposition to the government's plans, from Boris Johnson to Jeremy Corbyn. In the House of Lords, a variety of measures are under consideration to water down the government's plans on tax credits, or to stop them from becoming law.