The Rise of High Involvement Management in Britain

We discuss the nature and genesis of high involvement management (HIM) in Britain. Although an increasing proportion of British workplaces have adopted HIM practices over the last quarter century only a minority of managements have a strong high involvement orientation. HIM is associated with Total Quality Management and other lean production methods but is no more likely to be adopted in a context of enriched jobs than where jobs are more routinized.

Heterogeneity in Union Status and Employee Wellbeing: Some New Evidence from Linked Employer-Employee Data

This paper examines if workplace and co-worker union status affect employee wellbeing. It departs from the standard approach in the literature by employing an innovative approach, which focuses principally on non-union employees. It uses two different measures of wellbeing, offering a richer framework than has been used in much of the literature.

Well-being, Health and Work

This paper presents measures of subjective well-being in England using a specially designed module of the 2010 Health Survey for England. It also looks at the relationship between well-being and labour market status, and, among those who are working, considers how well-being is associated with aspects of job quality.