Macro-Economics of Climate Change

Climate change represents the major challenge facing the global economy in coming decades. The aim of this research theme is to assess the effects of climate change and climate policy on the macro-economy.

One of the major challenges of thinking about the macro-economics of climate change is the magnitude of risks and uncertainties. How will temperatures evolve, and how will the climate react? How will this affect productivity and growth? How will individuals and the economy as a whole respond to policy changes? Will the transition be orderly or disorderly?

NIESR’s climate modelling work, which makes use of its longstanding macro-economic model NiGEM, offers insights into the macro-economic implications of many of these areas.

Climate change




Energy and Climate Policy in a DSGE Model of the United Kingdom

08 Mar 2024

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12 Dec 2022

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10 Nov 2022

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03 Nov 2022

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