General Elections 2017 & 2019

We want to improve the level of public understanding and the quality of media coverage of the key issues facing the electorate.  As well as providing data and illustrative charts, during both the 2017 and 2019 elections, we provided compact briefings to further the understanding of public policy questions.

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General Election 2017 – Podcasts 

Most of these podcasts have been produced with funding from the Nuffield Foundation as part of its work to ensure public debate in the run-up to the General Election is informed by independent and rigorous evidence.

“Is NHS funding in crisis?” – Prof Peter Dolton, NIESR Associate Research Director

“Infrastructure in the UK: Time to rebuild?” – Amit Kara

“Some basic facts about immigration” – Heather Rolfe

“The UK economic landscape ahead of the General Election” – James Warren

Our series of podcasts on the hot topics around the General Election 2019; listen individually below, or the whole playlist at the bottom of the page.

In this special post Election podcast, Jagjit Chadha talks with Garry Young and Arno Hantzsche about the policy decisions and fiscal plans that lay ahead for the new government

“NIESR Talks General Election 2019 Episode 1: Minimum Wages”

“NIESR Talks General Election 2019 Episode 2: The Economy”

“NIESR Talks General Election 2019 Episode 3: Effective Education Policy”

“NIESR Talks General Election 2019 Episode 4: “Regional Divides”

NIESR Talks General Election 2019 Playlist

We are delighted to present 6 short vodcasts to accompany our work on the General Election 2019. View each individually below, or view the whole playlist at the bottom of the page.