The Economic Impact of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the UK, and global, economy in a variety of ways. Lockdowns closed many businesses, jobs were either permanently or temporarily lost and school pupils’ learning interrupted. It has left countries counting the costs of these measures.

Throughout the pandemic, the National Institute of Economic and Social Research charted the effects. We successfully contributed to the debate and suggested a wide range of measures to assist with policy response.

Covid-19 India Tracker

Together with researchers at Cambridge Judge Business School, NIESR has been working with Health Systems Transformation Platform in India, to provide a tracker that provides near term forecasts of the trajectory of the pandemic in India.

Devoted to the states and union territories, it identifies those that are at high risk of increases in infection incidence. The forecasts are published weekly and are based on a structural time series model that uses historical data in estimation but adapts to the trend emerging in the most recent period.

To view the latest tracker, please visit the Judge Business School website


You can also find further reading on the Economics Observatory website – a new website that seeks to answer questions from policy-makers and the public about the economics of the Covid-19 crisis and the recovery.

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